Yazd Mokamel Company

Yazd Mokamel Company in order to meet the market needs for a variety of food and therapeutic supplements for livestock, poultry and aquatic animals and using animal health and nutrition specialists and also with the aim of creating employment for local people in the province in 1998 and with more After two decades of continuous and dynamic activity, it is now known as one of the top companies in the Animal Supplement industry of the country.

The management structure of Yazd Makamel Company has always been trying to move dynamically, systematically and relying on the knowledge and experience of its human resources in order to achieve the goals of excellence of the company. Yazd Makamel Company currently employs more than 10 distinguished university graduates in the field of veterinary medicine, animal nutrition, chemistry and microbiology directly as a private company in the field of production of various food and pharmaceutical supplements and custom livestock, Poultry and aquaculture and livestock and poultry feed additives are active.


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Top Foal supplement of Yazd Mokamel company, supplement of SMART EQUIPERSE brand product category, increases the quality of mare's milk and thus improves growth and increases the efficiency of the foal immune system. Due to the transfer of micronutrients from mare to foal during lactation, the possibility of metabolic problems, weakness, and the inability of the immune system to function during lactation are high. The use of general supplement products will ensure the optimal nutrition of micronutrients in foals and mares.

Top Foal knowledge-based product has specific growth stimulants, probiotics, prebiotics, minerals multivitamins and a variety of other essential micro-nutrients to develop the immune system and increase foal's growth performance. This product has been formulated and produced to ensure optimal and accurate daily nutrition of nutrients and additives required by foals before weaning. Use of this product will increase growth, significantly improves the immune function and prevents diarrhea caused by a weakened immune system and intestinal infection.

Feeding Advantages

  • Increase feed intake
  • Synergism of nutritional effects with milk
  • Reduce mortality from diarrhea and illness
  • Strengthen the function of the immune system
  • Improving the efficiency of the metabolic system
  • Increased resistance to pneumonia and diarrhea
  • Decreasing the conversion factor and increasing profitability
  • Improves bowel function and digestion and absorption coefficient
  • Enhances the growth and development of skeletal and muscle tissue
  • Establishment of the beneficial microbial population in the intestines
  • Supports bone growth and development and improves joint function and tendons


 Plastic bucket 1.5 and 5 kg